Max Mockett — Senior Product Manager based in London


Online Platform

I designed a collaboration platform to bring company employees together to discuss complex challenges. These discussions took place over 72 hours, giving users little time to learn how to use the platform. It therefore had to be intuitive and simple, while being powerful enough to support thousands of simultaneous conversations across several themes.

ForFuture of Work Consortium RoleProduct Manager
Date2012 – 2015

Wire-framed and designed the Future of Work website. Used by dozens of multinational organisations as a research and collaboration tool.

RESEARCH TOOL: containing hundreds of reports and case studies, the Future of Work website is an invaluable resource for our members. A dynamic filter panel allows users to search by theme, content type or keyword without leaving the page. Articles are colour-coded by theme, with an engaging image to provide an immediate visual hint at content.

COLLABORATION TOOL: our Jam platform is used by thousands of people across the world, and had to be as intuitive as possible. Keeping the conversation in one place, while allowing users to focus on conversation topics of personal interest was made possible by the use of the filters panel, already familiar to users from the research library.

An example of branding the white-labelled site.

A mockup of a post-Jam interactive report, allowing users to navigate through topics, grouped by thematic similarity. A visual indicator of the semantic analytics applied to the conversation is shown around topic nodes (green = positive conversation / red = negative conversation).