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Users are presented with an endless stream of photos from other users around the world. If they like a photo, they swipe right and the photo gains momentum and is sent to more users. if they don’t like it, they swipe right and the photo’s momentum is reduced and fewer people see it. Good content gains traction and rises to the top of the ‘Global Gallery’, a collection of the most ROL’d photos of the day, week, and all time.

User profiles are simple and defined by their content. Their avatar is their most ROL’d submission, reflecting the mission of ROL to preference content over celebrity.

The Global Gallery highlights the most ROL’d content. Reaching the Global Gallery becomes an aspiration for users, as space is limited and only the best images make it.

Incoming screen mockup

Interaction mockup

Menu mockup

User profile mockup

ROL App Initial Wireframe


I designed an iOS photo-sharing app called ROL. The app lets you send a photo or video to 3 random users around the world, and see if they ROL it on to others.

Founder and Designer
Personal Project